Villa Mila

location Brač
1000-3000 € / Night
properties/January2022/cLHQqx1MoVvBEyjIBgXB.jpg +71
properties/January2022/iD0vxW1h7Qwa1NtaEsFD.jpg +69
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Verified owners
Best price guarantee
100% insured
guests 12 Guests
beds 10 Beds
bathroom 8 Bathrooms
space 396 m2

Equipment & Highlights

Villa Mila is a luxurious waterfront property with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The layout is perfect for families or large groups of up to 12 guests. Designed with great attention to detail by a Croatian architect, Villa Mila combines local materials, like the famous Brač stone and top-quality furniture from all over the world in order to create a comfortable ambience for its guests. The generous use of glass and sliding window doors ensures the breath-taking sea view is preserved in every room. The villa offers an infinity edge swimming pool, a gym room, a sauna and a floating dock with moorings. It is also equipped with an elevator and has one bedroom which specifically fits for disabled people. The Villa is fully staffed with maids and a manager, acting also as a concierge who speaks 3 different languages (English, German, Croatian). Each room has its own terrace, a king size bed (of which 4 are separable), an ensuite bathroom and highspeed internet.

We offer welcome package to all our guests. This package is free of charge, and features a selection of local delicacies from Brac Island, including olives, tuna, dried figs, and more. Additionally, guests will receive a fruit basket along with a bottle of Taittinger champagne. Depending on the number of guests, we may provide one or two bottles. We so also offer grocery service on the day of arrival. Please note that while the service of procuring groceries is provided at no extra charge, the cost of the groceries themselves will be borne by the customer.

air condition
billiard- and ping-pong table
indoor fireplace
pool with a view
pool stairs
massage table
towels, umbrella, beach blanket
infinity pool (11 meters)
in a calm neighborhood
in the village
direct ocean access
direct beach access
floating dock
private mooring for yachts
private jetty and beach
Total plot 820 m2
bed linen
6 bedrooms
one bedroom which specifically fits for disabled people
1. bedroom + kingsize bed (180 x 200 cm) + bathroom en suite
2. bedroom + kingsize bed (180 x 200 cm) + bathroom en suite
3. bedroom + kingsize bed (180 x 200 cm) + bathroom en suite
4. bedroom + 2 single beds ( 90 x 200 cm) or 1X (190 x 200 cm) + bathroom en suite
5. bedroom + 2 single beds ( 90 x 200 cm) or 1X (190 x 200 cm) + bathroom en suite
6. bedroom + 2 single beds (90 x 200 cm) or 1X (190 x 200 cm) + bathroom en suite
high chair
fully equipped kitchen
6 en suite bathrooms + 2 extra wc-s
BBQ area
outdoor dining area
garden furniture
lounge garden furniture
barbecue with outdoor kitchenette
boat trip (extra charge)
jet-ski (extra charge)
diving (extra charge)
sailing (extra charge)
power boat (chargeable)
Yoga (for a fee)
streaming services (e.g. Netflix)
3 bicycles (free of charge)
2 tandem kayaks (free)
1 single kayak (free)
1 stand-up paddle board (free)
snorkeling equipment
fitness and sauna with infra-red therapy
Samsung smart tv with satellite television
Sonos sound system with Bose speakers throughout the villa
holidays with dog (on request)
underfloor heating
children are welcome
highspeed internet
maids and a manager (3 languages)
service included: daily maid and cleaning (available up to 8 hours per day)
heating and air condition
underfloor heating
high chair
indoor area 550 m2
welcome package

Your Croatia-expert:

+41 76 817 18 87
+41 76 817 18 87

Mo-So: 08:00 - 22:00 Uhr

Ademir Suljkanovic

Managing Director


The ferry place Sumartin is one of the youngest places on the island of Brač in Croatia. Founded at the time as a place of refuge, over the years it has developed into one of the most popular vacation spots on the island. Many mainland residents have built their holiday homes here and rent them out to tourists from all over the world during the hot summer months. The port is the center of the place. Here you have a good selection of restaurants that will spoil you with local and international cuisine. The beautiful beaches of Riva and Baywatch invite you to swim and relax. There are other beaches in the neighboring village of Puntinak or those who have a boat can head for various bays in the area. The ferry crosses from Makarska (mainland) to Sumartin several times a day. So you have plenty of opportunities to take interesting excursions on the mainland, but the island of Brac also has some wonderful excursion destinations to offer.

beach 10 m
plane 60 min
harbour 1,0 km
shopping 1,2 km

Adriaville Services

Make your vacation unforgettable and book an extra of your choice. We would be happy to advise you in detail.

pawprint Adults
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Prices & Conditions

01. March - 31. March
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,000.00 €

01. April - 30. April
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,600.00 €

01. May - 31. May
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,710.00 €

01. June - 30. June
Minimum stay 7 days. 2,430.00 €

01. July - 31. August
Minimum stay 7 days. 3,240.00 €

01. September - 15. September
Minimum stay 7 days. 2,430.00 €

16. September - 30. September
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,710.00 €

01. October - 31. October
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,600.00 €

01. November - 30. November
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,000.00 €

19. April - 25. April
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,250.00 €

26. April - 23. May
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,480.00 €

24. May - 14. June
Minimum stay 7 days. 2,020.00 €

15. June - 30. June
Minimum stay 7 days. 2,510.00 €

01. July - 31. August
Minimum stay 7 days. 3,600.00 €

01. September - 14. September
Minimum stay 7 days. 2,510.00 €

15. September - 28. September
Minimum stay 7 days. 2,020.00 €

29. September - 12. October
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,480.00 €

13. October - 18. October
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,250.00 €


location location

Adriaville Services

Make your vacation unforgettable and book an extra of your choice. We would be happy to advise you in detail.

pawprint Adults
pawprint Children
pawprint Babies
pawprint Pets