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Frequently asked questions

How can I book a villa?

There are several possibilities to book a villa: as an order by e-mail, directly on the villa page or, if you have an offer from us, directly via the link in the e-mail. All you need is your personal data. Please only book a villa if you have completely clarified all questions within the travel group or with us!

We are interested in a villa. Can i reserve the date?

Unfortunately no. It is not possible to reserve a period without a binding booking. In contrast to a hotel, a villa has only one availability for your period. The owner is also instructed to have the best possible occupancy rate, so the following rule applies: whoever books first will get the supplement. We recommend: clarify everything within your group and come to us with any questions you may have about the property. Once all uncertainties have been resolved, you can book with a clear conscience.

Is the booking calendar on always up-to-date?

We want to make as many guests as possible happy and we always try to keep the occupancy of our villas as correct as possible. Usually the calendar is up to date. We work with direct interfaces to the owner, which keep our booking calendars up to date. However, in the world of technology there can always be overlaps or time delays, so that a booking cannot be accepted by the owner. We always work on request, which means that after your booking the owner must give his OK to the booking. This is for your safety. If an owner cannot confirm a booking, we always solve this special case in your best interest, nobody has to give up their holiday villa.

We want to bring our pet. Is this allowed?

Adriaville welcomes pets! Pets are also guests for us, whom we want to please. There are pet-friendly owners, owners who accept pets for a cleaning surcharge, but also allergy-free villas where the animals are not allowed. If in doubt, just ask our care staff.

I would like to book a villa, how much is the deposit and when is it due?

The deposit for a villa is 30% of the total price. It must be paid to us within 7 days after we have confirmed your booking. During the booking process you can choose which payment method you wish to use (bank transfer, Paypal or credit card). You will receive all instructions and payment details in your booking confirmation and we will of course accompany you through the process. As soon as we have received the deposit, you will receive a confirmation of the deposit. If you have any questions regarding the payment process, please feel free to contact us at any time.

When and how should I make the final payment?

The remaining 70% of the total price must be paid at the latest 5 weeks before the start of the journey. You will be reminded separately by email of the remaining payment and we will also point out the different payment methods. You will also be informed again about all possible methods of payment and you will be guided by us. You can also choose a payment method for the final payment, just like for the deposit. It is not necessarily necessary to choose the same payment method as for the deposit!

In the offer/booking we speak of a deposit. How is this to be understood?

You have to pay a deposit in cash to the owner / manager at the check-in. The amount of the deposit varies and you will be informed by us during the booking procedure. This serves as security for possible damages. We maintain a good relationship with the owners of the villas, all are cooperative and friendly, we vouch for it. A deposit should not be used as a "penalty" in case of damage. It is primarily intended to call for responsible handling of the inventory. The villas and equipment are very expensive, the deposit is relatively small. Certainly, there is always something broken, dishes, or even a vase. For this no owner will prosecute you and keep the deposit. If you behave properly, like at home, you will get the deposit back in full.

How can I cancel my reservation?

If you want to cancel or postpone your booking, we always ask you to contact us directly. Preferably directly by phone or email.

What are Adriavilles cancellation policies?

You can find more information regard the cancellation policies on: don't hesitate to contact us for any questions.

When will we receive the address of the villa?

The exact address of the villa will be given to you when you have paid the balance of your stay, i.e. at least 5 weeks before the start of your stay. There you will also find the contact person at the villa who will receive you at the villa. Immediately after the booking you will receive a booking confirmation by email with all relevant information about your booking: your chosen travel period, the total price, due dates for payments, cancellation conditions and important contact information. The rest will follow as described above once we have received your final payment.

Is there a minimum stay in the villas and can I arrive on any day of the week?

A very important point: if in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask us about it! Each villa is flexible in terms of arrival days and minimum stay. Experience shows that from June to September most of the villas can only be booked weekly (7 nights) from Saturday to Saturday!

A villa is indicated with the occupancy 4+2 persons, what does the +2 stand for?

It means that the villa is registered for 6 persons, but only 4 regular sleeping places (in the form of beds) are available. For the other +2 persons it means that they must sleep either on a sofa or in an extra bed (provided the owner has one).

We would like to book a villa that is designated for 6 people. Can I exceed the number of persons?

No. Each villa has a rental permit issued by the Ministry of Tourism which specifies a maximum number of people. The villa is registered with this number of occupants. Violation may result in the consequence that you will have to leave the villa. So please arrive only with the correct number of persons.

Can I cancel my booked trip free of charge?

Your holiday in a villa is an individual trip, which is why the regular mediation conditions continue to apply. The legal basis for Cancellation free of charge is not applicable here.

What we offer?

In cooperation and communication with you and the owners we try to find the best solution for each individual case. We are your direct and personal contact in this time of pandemic. Because of the good and partly friendly relationship to the owners, we can handle and discuss all requests and wishes individually. In agreement with the respective owners, we can offer you a free cancellation in case of a travel warning for your holiday area. The You can cancel free of charge up to 30 days before arrival.

Can I rebook a villa if I do not want to travel due to COVID-19?

A rebooking of the villa to another period is only possible if the new travel period is confirmed by the owner. We try to find the best possible solution with you and the owners, but the owners are not is obliged to rebook free of charge.

Will I get a voucher if I do not travel to the desired can rebook the travel period?

Up to 30 days before arrival, some owners offer to give a voucher for the booked amount and for a new booking of the same villa to the to be made available. As this is a gesture of goodwill by the owners, this option has to be discussed individually.

Is earlier check-in possible?

Please plan your arrival so that you do not arrive at the villa until 4 pm on the check-in day! In order to meet each guest's demand for cleanliness and order, the cleaning staff on site will need several hours to clean the property and the villa before your arrival. On the day of your arrival other guests usually leave the villa. New guests will also arrive after you. A phone call to the contact person on site can give you an assessment of whether an earlier arrival is possible (the person who will receive you will be given the arrival information, including contact details). However without guarantee!

Is a later check-out possible?

Unfortunately no. After your departure, the cleaning crew will clean up the property and the villa so that the next guests can feel at home. This is exactly what you wanted before you arrived: a tidy, clean house. Please plan to make a short tour with the manager of the house shortly before 10 a.m. and leave after the deposit has been paid back.

What do I do in the event of a flight delay or a major traffic jam? How can I inform that we will arrive late at the villa?

In case of late arrival please contact the host. We have given you all the information you need, such as name, telephone number, e-mail and address. He will welcome you, even late in the evening, in the villa.

Identification required / visitor's tax

Yes, there is an urgent need to identify yourself. There are two reasons for this: 1. entry: without a valid identity document it is impossible to cross the Croatian border crossings. Although Croatia is a member of the EU, the country is not subject to the Schengen Agreement, i.e. there is a border control (the identity document must also be valid for the duration of the stay). 2. registration at the tourist office: every guest must also be registered at the Croatian National Tourist Board. IMPORTANT: Since 2018 the tourism tax (tourist tax) is no longer included in the total price! It must be handed in at the villa manager, who will also register you at the Tourist Board. The tourist tax is usually 1€ per day per adult and 50 cents for children from 12 to 18 years of age. The exact amounts may vary slightly!