Villa Calma II

location Starigrad
525 - 1127 € / Night
properties/November2021/NIGUVLsppKuZ8U1O5GuH.jpg +37
properties/November2021/E6YCpn0BfJCngtSiPFn8.jpg +35
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Verified owners
Best price guarantee
100% insured
guests 8 Guests
beds 4 Beds
bathroom 5 Bathrooms
space 240 m2

Equipment & Highlights

Completely surrounded by a wall and greenery, the villa offers complete privacy. Villa is ideal for 8 people. It has 4 fully equipped bedrooms; 4 of the bedrooms have a king size bed. Each of the bedrooms has air conditioning and a modern bathroom with a walk-in shower. 2 bedrooms also have modern, separate bathtub in front of the bed for your enjoyment. The kitchen is fully equipped with all modern appliances and everything you need to prepare delicious meals. In the living room you can enjoy satellite TV, play station and a romantic 3m long fireplace. In front of the villa there is a swimming pool (40m²) with a waterfall and on the balcony on the first floor you can relax in a whirlpool delfi pro, also with a waterfall. Additional facilities for your relaxation and entertainment are bio sauna, fitness and cabanas in the yard. If you are looking for a place to rejuvenate your body and soul, this is the villa you have been looking for. Give a new meaning to the term vacation by visiting this Dalmatian gem.





dining table for 8 people
beach towels
swimming pool
heated Pool
pool towels
1. bedroom + kingsize bed (200 x 210 cm) + bathroom en suite
2. bedroom + kingsize bed (200 x 210 cm) + bathroom en suite
3. bedroom + kingsize bed (200 x 210 cm) + bathroom en suite
4. bedroom + kingsize bed (200 x 210 cm) + bathroom en suite
children's / baby beds
bed linen
coffee machine
fully equipped kitchen
1 rain shower & 2 bathtubs
tumbler dryer
washing machine
clothes dryer
ironing board
outdoor dining are for 8 people
wooden barbecue
BBQ area
garden furniture
rafting (extra charge)
kayaking (extra charge)
horse riding (extra charge)
SPA (extra charge)
jet-ski (extra charge)
windsurfing (extra charge)
diving (extra charge)
sailing (extra charge)
boat trip (extra charge)
wireless Internet
Play Station
Tennis court (extra charge)
stand up paddle (4 pieces)
bicycle (extra charge)
streaming services (e.g. Netflix)
air condition in all areas
partial sea view
park view
welcome package
daily cleaning service - free of charge (2-3 hours)
change of bed linen once a week (free of charge)
children are welcome
security deposit in cash - 500 €
parking (4 cars)

Your Croatia-expert:

+41 76 817 18 87
+41 76 817 18 87

Mo-So: 08:00 - 22:00 Uhr

Ademir Suljkanovic

Managing Director


The surroundings of Starigrad offer many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities, from water sports such as swimming, diving, sailing to outdoor activities such as horseback riding or hiking. Nearby is the river Zrmanja where you can try rafting experience. Paklenica National Park is only 2 km away and is the perfect escape for anyone who enjoys hiking and climbing or enjoying the beautiful nature. Fans of the film Winnetou, an Indian hero from the Wild West, can visit the eponymous museum located nearby. Do not miss to visit the urban center of Zadar, which is only half an hour away. All lovers of cultural and historical monuments and sights will enjoy this source of historical heritage dating back to prehistoric times. Also known as a city three thousand years old, Zadar is one of the cities with the largest number of preserved historical monuments in Croatia.

In addition to the Roman Forum, one of the largest preserved forums in Europe, Zadar has monuments from three periods of history: Illyrian, Roman and medieval. The most famous landmark is the church of St. Donat dating back to the 9th century, and numerous churches from the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance periods will delight all lovers of history and culture. Near Zadar there is another small historic town, with a similar historical and cultural landmark called Nin.

beach 150 m
plane 42 km
harbour 45 km
shopping 160 m

Adriaville Services

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Prices & Conditions

07. January - 12. May
Minimum stay 7 days. 537.00 €

13. May - 09. June
Minimum stay 7 days. 614.00 €

10. June - 23. June
Minimum stay 7 days. 769.00 €

24. June - 30. June
Minimum stay 7 days. 861.00 €

01. July - 14. July
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,047.00 €

15. July - 18. August
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,154.00 €

19. August - 01. September
Minimum stay 7 days. 861.00 €

02. September - 15. September
Minimum stay 7 days. 614.00 €

16. September - 15. December
Minimum stay 7 days. 538.00 €

16. December - 05. January
Minimum stay 7 days. 1,047.00 €


location location

Adriaville Services

Make your vacation unforgettable and book an extra of your choice. We would be happy to advise you in detail.

pawprint Adults
pawprint Children
pawprint Babies
pawprint Pets